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Jeff_Lee (Jeff)

History (where did you start astronomy from)

Got my first real scope (C90, rubber coated spotter) in 1996.

Where did you hear about EAA?

On this forum.

About 4 or 5 years ago I had stopped viewing due to getting older and not like driving hours late at night coming home from the clubs’ dark site and the increase in LP at home. Then as I was getting some idea of what my scopes could be sold for on CN I found this forum and I thought I’d give astronomy one last try from home using this EAA technique.

What do you already have?

  • C90
  • C5
  • C8
  • ES102
  • Starsense
  • Celestron GPS
  • ZWO224
  • ZWO294 MC
  • Panasonic G9 tethered using the folder option in SharpCapPRO
  • Celestron FR3.3 and 6.3 reducers, Orion .8 reducer for refractor
  • Orion (SW) AZ-EQ5
  • Celestron SE (6/8) version
  • Laptop
  • Desktop, 27″ Monitor / 50″ HD4K TV
  • ShapCap PRO
  • SkyTools v4 (viewing & Imaging)
  • Remote Desktop
  • Windows 11 both computers

Budget (cost of starting kit, cost of current kit)


  • C8 (had it for 20 years so I put a current used price): $500
  • LXD75 used: $450
  • ZWO224: $250
  • FR3.3: $60 used
  • Laptop: $250
  • SharpCap: $100 (lifetime, no longer offered)
  • Skytools: $200
  • Total: $1800.00

Current Kit:

North of $7000 at today’s prices (not counting upgrade new computer (Computer/monitor/TV = $4500)

How much is too much?

Depends on what you can spend within your circumstances.

OTA (advice)

C8 with a FR and FastStar on any good AZ or AZ-EQ mount. Used with SharpCap and Platesolving. Camera – whatever ZWO camera you can afford at the time to get started. SkyTools is, for me, the best planning software you can buy. Once you get the system up and running use remote desktop to a large TV and you have the Enterprise:)

Second option for apartment or lower budget: C5 (White used) and used/new C6/8 SE mount and any of the other options (software/laptop/ cameras/ FR’s) in my system.

What don’t you like about EAA?

Nothing. I would not be doing astronomy without it given my set of circumstances.

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