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JCheak (John)

History (where did you start astronomy from)

20+ years ago, I attended a public outreach program sponsored by the Louisville Astronomical Society. They were set up in front of the Science Center downtown. I was so impressed by their scopes and friendly wealth of knowledge they offered. I became a member and purchased a 4″ reflector on a cheap EQ mount from a science store in the Mall St Matthews. Was in and out of the hobby through the years, but always staying in touch and looking at the skies when time was available. Covid hit and I got the scopes back out dove into EAA and the rest is history.

Where did you hear about EAA?

On-line where people were using the Revolution 2 all in one setup to view Live Stacking on the fly. I purchased one then quickly moved to SharpCap and a dedicated Astro Camera

What are your expectations?

To see just how far I can push this process. It is very addictive.

What do you already have?

  • Celestron CPC 800 Edge HD
  • Stellarvue SV80 Access Apo Refractor
  • Celestron Advanced VX
  • ASIAir Pro
  • David Levy 152mm Mak-Newt Comet Hunter
  • Celestron CGEM
  • Stellarvue SVX102D Apo Refractor
  • Skywatcher EQ6R-Pro
  • ASIAir Pro Plus
  • Stellarvue SV60ED
  • SkyWatcher AZ-GTi
  • Parks Optical Astrolight 6″ F/8 Newtonian
  • Zhumell Z12 Dob
  • ZWO ASI533 MC PRO camera
  • ZWO ASI071 MC PRO camera
  • ZWO ASI224MC camera
  • ZWO ASI178MC camera
  • ZWO ASI120mm Mini
  • ZWO ASI290mm Mini
  • ZWO ASI290MC

Budget (cost of starting kit, cost of current kit)

My first kit was a bunch of older equipment I already had and one used purchase.

  • Celestron 120ST Refractor already had – $0
  • Celestron ASGT Mount already had –  $0
  • Revolution 2 All in one Used – $185

Total = $185

Current Kit

  • Stellarvue SVX102D Apo Refractor – $2195
  • Skywatcher EQ6R-Pro Used – $1000
  • ZWO ASI071 MC PRO camera Used – $875
  • ASIAir Pro Plus – $299

Total = $4369

How much is too much?

Whatever Doug has spent : )

OTA (advice)

Any APO Refractor F7 or faster

Mount (advice)

I have and use a couple of Celestron mounts, however I just don’t think you can beat the SkyWatcher EQ6R Pro, if it will carry the weight of equipment you use. This should always be your major purchase.

Camera(s) and preferred targets and techniques.

I am drinking the ZWO Kool-Aid. ASI533MC Pro and the ASI071MC Pro I’ve had no issues with any of their equipment. I think the ASI533Mc Pro is an excellent camera to start your EAA journey with.

Targets in order of favorites, Galaxy’s, Nebula, Globular then Open clusters, Double stars.

I use the ASIAir Plus for capture due to the simplicity and excellent results.

What don’t you like about EAA?

It wasn’t around when I started the hobby. No, I can’t think of anything I don’t like about this side of the hobby.

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