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What is EAA101?

EAA101 is a free knowledge base compiled by volunteers with just one goal in mind: To help others enjoy and improve in the hobby of amateur astronomy in general and electronically-assisted astronomy in particular. Learning the craft of EAA need not be difficult – as long as one has good guidance. It does require special equipment, a practiced set of skills, and a lot of patience. We’re hoping this resource will reduce the hurdles a bit by pulling together all the resources in one place. We neither sell ads nor receive any profit for our work here. A number of these articles were authored and are maintained by Doug Lucas, who happily stages this website in an attempt to share, “as one beggar telling another where to find bread.” However, others volunteer here as well. One of those volunteers is John “Schoolmaster” Palmer who has helped tirelessly even though he receives absolutely no personal benefit from this project. His (our) sole hope is that something we say or do here might help you, the reader, save time, have more fun, and implement EAA more effectively in your own context. Thanks for stopping by. We hope that something we do here will someday help someone like you.

A Word About Reviews and Kickbacks (We Don’t Receive Any)

EAA requires a significant investment of equipment. Although our primary task here is not to provide equipment reviews, if we mention specific brands of equipment or software, we hope and trust that this information will assist EAA-ers in making the most informed buying decisions possible. We do not receive any benefit, financial or otherwise, from creating this knowledge base, apart from the intangible benefit of hoping that our efforts can somehow help others.

No Plans to Publish This as a Book or Benefit Financially

In early discussions, we wondered if it might be helpful to offer this resource in book form (whether printed or as an e-book). However, because of the fact that EAA is in a constant state of improvement, maybe this website is better than a printed book. Either way, we just wanted to make it clear that we have no intent to benefit financially in any way through this project, whether for ourselves or for any of our causes. You’ll notice that we neither sell ads nor ask for anything in return.

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