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Streaming Software

This is useful to capture your observations in video, whether for real-time streaming on platforms like YouTube or Twitch, or to record your session for others to view later. In either case, many agree that the best option is an open-source freeware software called OBS Studio. Even though it’s free, it might possibly be the most powerful. Learn more here: https://obsproject.com/. There are many other offerings, free and for a price. In some ways, they all end up comparing themselves with OBS. Of course, another option is to share your observations via a simple communications/screen-sharing software like ZOOM or Skype. As such, your EAA session would essentially be a video-conference call. Once you’re online with your friend(s), just share your screen and begin observing. Similarly, one could use Facebook Live in the same manner. Once you’ve connected a camera to the scope, the possibilities are endless, actually.

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