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Something to act as a shelter to observe remotely

This allows the observer to shield one’s self from the cold, wind, and dew. Extreme temperatures (very cold or very hot weather) can raise the priority for this accessory, as can various insects (e.g., black flies or mosquitoes). Again, with the ASI Air system of products, you can operate wirelessly from the get-go. If you would rather use Sharpcap, you might consider an “active” USB cable to connect your laptop to a USB hub at your scope. These are reliable for distances up to 20 meters in length. In my case, I operate remotely (200 feet from my telescope) from within a nearby building. Keeps me warm in whatever temperature and easily accessible to the scope to make manual changes. I use an iCron Raven 3124 Multimode Fiber Extender System which allows one to use USB3 and USB2 devices from up to 200 meters away. It converts the USB data for transport via inexpensive fiber optic cable and is extremely high-bandwidth and ultra-fast.

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