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Electronically-assisted astronomy can take many forms. For this reason, perhaps one of the most helpful exercises of all is to look at sample rigs. In this section, we interview active EAAers from all over the world. Each setup is different. Each EAA implementer utilizes a different strategy. The one thing we all have in common is – we have substituted a camera for an eyepiece. We hope this section helps you enlarge your imagination. Humbly, here are our rigs. Join us. It’s fun!

*Note: Because some of our responders would just as soon remain anonymous, we use, as their primary identifying name, their user name on a certain online forum that they frequent. Due to the fact that the forum would rather be in control of its own content, we aren’t even publishing their name here, out of respect. In parentheses, after the forum name, we include their real first name, if they are willing for us to do so.

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